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Your Master Portrait Drawing

pencil portraitThroughout history, the face has been an enduring, ambivalent subject manipulated by artists to explore a range of human emotion. Portraitists have served the steady demand of men and women to have their likenesses preserved for the future on canvas, on paper, or in marble.

Portrait drawings were commissioned and collected as early as the 1470s. Collectors appreciated them for their intimate quality and as a means of satisfying curiosity about historical figures. Unlike a formal, painted portrait, portrait drawings were easily portable and were favored by European nobility traveling among royal residences.

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We now offer Limited Edition Prints!

Make yourself or someone you love the gift of a lifetime! Michael Fischer has worked his whole life on honing his skills - after an academic art education in Austria - and is now offering portrait drawings to a wider public! Read 'What is a good drawing'!

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Usually his paintings sell for no less than $1500. A portrait in oil sells for $2000. Please take a tour of his website for a detailed biography and an overview of his work.

Here is the opportunity to own a Master drawing of yourself or someone you love for only $275.
Satisfaction guaranteed!

The drawing will be made on highest quality paper measuring 8"x10", with graphite.
All drawings are one of a kind, signed and dated by the artist!

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Here is how it works: You send photographs (ideally taken to the artist's specifications) either in digital form or via USPS and $100. (either USPS money order or credit card via PayPal) to Michael Fischer. Upon completion of drawing several digital images of drawing will be sent to you for approval. Michael Fischer will rework or redo the drawing should there be ANY dissatisfaction with the final product. Upon approval you send remaining $175. plus $12.50 shipping to Michael Fischer, who will ship the completed drawing immediately upon receipt of final payment.

A true work of art - not only at an affordable price, but it is also your portrait!
Look at these lines, the third image is always magnified, to give you a really close look!!

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