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Nice work


Michael almost did not want to do this but I convinced him anyway :) He was traveling in Europe and I needed a drawing of Buddy, my Terrier. He did t long distance and sent the drawing within two weeks!

New York City

Michael really captured the essence of my grandparents. I didn\'t think it was possible from a photograph, but he assured me he would give me my money back if I wasn\' satisfied! - Great job Michael


Great long distance commission! The portrait came out great and is soooo much better than the image Michael email us for approval! Thank you MIchael, great art!

Rose and Michael
Minneapolis, MN

We love the portrait we ordered for our 25th wedding anniversary.. it is the highlight of our dining room and admired by all our friends! Thank youz so much for your outstanding work and service!

Marc Cristensen
New Brunswick

Awesome drawing! Michael really did a great job capturing my wife\'s likeness.

Mike Ames

Simply a great drawing - we are very pleased with Michael\'s work and shall return :)

Elisabeth Claus

Thank you, Michael! We are very happy with the drawing. The quality of the drawing is outstanding - I am glad I did not go with the \'chinese factory\' portraits. I will show and tell my friends about your web-site!

Dennis McCarty

The drawing is really beautiful. All members of my family are in awe of Michael\'s talent. Thank You!

New York City

I received a portrait drawing of me done by Michael as a surprise! - I cried... it is so intimate and alive. I sent my (identical) twin sister an email with the image, when she saw it she was absolutely amazed at the likeness. She wants one too. She said it made her feel close to me. I have already commissioned a family portrait, this one will be an oil. Melanie

John Weiss

I just received my drawing - what a work of art! Michael has captured the essence of my wife like no photograph. I already have the frame and it is going on the wall today! Thank you.John

Philip Yang
Princeton, NJ

I wanted a traditional ancestor portrait of my late grandparents. Michael was very sensitive to our Chinese culture. His suggestion to use gold leaf for the backround added immeasurably to the beauty and auspiciousness of the portraits.

Mimi Brooke Smith
New York City

Michael really captured me in the moment! It's been ten years since he painted my portrait and even though I see it many times a day it stillalways makes me smile! It is a true work of art. Thank you, Michael.

Karin Furst
New York

The watercolor is beautiful! My daughter looks timeless and I feel her beauty will be preserved forever! Thank you!

New Jersey

I found Michael through New York Magazine and he is everything and more that they said he was: A gifted artist and craftsman who knows what he is doing, as opposed to so many out there who claim to be able to paint or draw. I have ordered several portraits of me and my family in the past and his is by far the best and also the best value! Give him your business, you won't be disappointed!

Rick Fahrenbruck
Lincoln, Nebraska

Hi, we found Michael through his other website and have never regretted ordering. Bill's portrait came out better than we ever hoped - especially with the photos we took :). The detail he managed to capture and the texture of the paint .. amazing! Order your portrait today!

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