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portrait drawing

portrait artistThe Portrait Artist in his Studio!

Here you see Michael Fischer, the portrait artist, working on the Portrait of Mr. and Mrs. Dorrer in his New York studio.

"I have always been fascinated with people's faces. From early childhood on, I was drawing and drawing!
I am especially attracted to the formal portraits of the Renaissance period. The portrait artist had overcome the struggle with form and was able to concentrate on texture."

Michael Fischer is not only an accomplished portrait artist. He has established himself through solo and group shows of his 'independent' work:


born: Vienna,Vienna Apartment Austria
live & work: New York City, Vienna and Puerto Rico (Vieques and Culebra)
education: Hochschule für Angewandte Kunst, Vienna

Exhibition History


1998 '1998' / The Gallery, Chelsea, NYC
1997 GEIST / The Gallery, Chelsea, NYC
1995 AUTONUDES / Hampton Gallery, NYC
1993 ZWON SUNQETIKON / Grenoble, France
1992 Brown Paper Bags / Vienna, Austria
1991 Fifty Miniatures / NYC
1990 Family Album / NYC
1989 Bilder von MIR / Vienna, Austria


1996 April Fools Show / Jacklight Gallery, NYC
1995 DIE NEUEN '95 / station3 - Vienna
1987 Arbeiten der Meisterklasse Weibel / Vienna


1998 Award from the Federal Chancellery of Austria for GEIST
1997 Grant from Austrian Cultural Institute for GEIST
1995 Award from Ministry for the Arts in Austria for AUTONUDES

Public Collections

City of Vienna (Town Hall)

Private Collections

To become one yourself, click here!

Dr. Philippe Bertholier, Patricia Bentley, Elaine Chaloner, Dr. Rosemarie and Michael Dorrer, Hannes Eder, Monika Eigensberger, Rick Fahrenbruch, Alexander Geringer, Deborah Hampton, Prof. Irene Hauser, Vivian and Ben Hershy, Mme. et M. Isnel, Mag. Michaela Kauer, Daniela Keller, Mag. Anne-Marie Kiesel, Jutta Knöller, Thomas Machhörndl, Ing. Alois Mokrosch, Reni Obadalek, Christian Radda, Maureen Regan, Fritz Roll, Martina Ruttin, Inge Sänger, Christian Schreib, Cary Sheren, Claus Tieber, Marina Wildtgrube, Philip Yang, etc.

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