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portrait drawing is proud to offer signed and dated limited edition prints of your commissioned portrait.

Very often the occasion to have a portrait commissioned is also one where you want to give friends and family the present of the portrait. That's why photographers are able to charge 'an arm and a leg' for simple reprints of the same negative.

Why not give a work of art instead? offers prints with the artist's signature, edition # and the date of the printing on heavy watercolor paper at very reasonable rates:

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Our Prints:

Our prints are of highest archival quality. They are printed with pigment based ink on fiber paper. They are called 'Iris - prints', which are a form of digital printing that produces images directly to the material (can be canvas or special paper surfaces) from a digital file through a stream of very fine dye drops controlled by a computer system.

Pigment-based inks, unlike dye, is a powder made up of tiny granules that will not dissolve completely in solution. This means that pigment-based inks leave particles of pure color bonded to the surface of the paper that they are printed on. The resulting images can thus appear very rich and physical, densely saturated in color - although extremely fine detail may be compromised. Pigment-based inks are much more resistant to UV light than dye-based inks (they were originally developed for outdoor use) and will tend to keep their original colors longer. They are also less likely to run if they come into contact with water. Images printed with archival pigment-based inks onto archival paper will last for at least 150 years if stored in the proper conditions.

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